Stroke of Midnight

At 6 o’clock last night DH and I realized that it was New Year’s Eve and we had no junk food. You can’t celebrate NYE without junk food. We went to the local grocery store for pizza to find that it was PACKED. Everyone and their dog had made the same realization and was at the same store. We ended up going to the local Walmart as well, which was empty. Seems like everyone preferred the grocery store.

We got home and made all of the junk food we had bought. Pizza, Jalapeno Poppers, Spinach and Artichoke dip, and ice cream. We rented two movies from Redbox and had a lot of fun watching them in our fuzzy pajamas.

Near the end of Ant Man we paused the movie so we could count down to midnight.

It was such a relaxing way to spend New Year’s Eve.


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