This Box or That Box?

The beginning of Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin has me exploring who I am, in order to better understand what works for me. These are quite a few questions that I have either never thought of before, or just never realized I was.

  • Am I a Lark or an Owl?
    • My sleep schedule is so messed up that I am not actually sure. This is one I will have to come back to later.
  • Am I a Marathoner, Sprinter, or Procrastinator?
    • I am definitely a Procrastinator. I believe that I normally would be a Sprinter, but I never feel good about my work and always wish I had done it beforehand.
  • Am I an Underbuyer or an Overbuyer?
    • I am definitely an Overbuyer. I like things. I like knowing that I will have everything I need. Which means I own a lot of clutter that needs dealing with.
  • Am I a a Simplicity Lover or an Abundance Lover?
    • I have always felt like I should be attracted to emptiness – bare surfaces and quiet. However this really isn’t the case, and I need to learn to accept (and manage) that I love Abundance. I like it to be loud, I love having choices, I love having everything and more is more. Hence, the clutter.
  • Am I a Finisher, or an Opener?
    • I am definitely an Opener. I can think of very few projects that I have actually finished. On the flip side, I can think of dozens of projects I’ve opened. Blogging being one good example.
  • Am I a Familiarity Lover or a Novelty Lover?
    • It seems like I should be a Novelty Lover, right? But I’m not. Not at all. I prefer what I know, and am so often uncomfortable doing what I don’t. I force myself to do what needs to be done, but I don’t enjoy it and hold off as long as I can.
  • Am I Promotion-Focused or Prevention-Focused?
    • I originally started out thinking that I’m both, in different ways. However, let’s be real, I am Promotion-Focused. I do so much better when I get a gold-star/praise instead of knowing that what I’m doing will be good in the long run.
  • Do I like to take Small Steps or Big Steps?
    • I’ve learned the past few weeks that I do better with Small Steps. Instead of a major change, if I can make one little thing a habit then I can build on it.

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