January Reading

Well this month turned out nothing like what I expected. I learned that I would need to take one of my courses in half the time I expected due to scheduling issues. This means that I read more of my textbooks than I did fun books. I should really just wait until next year when things calm down to do a reading challenge.

I did read God of Small Things. This was not a book I normally would have picked out for myself. I have a different post about my thoughts on that book.

I did not get to A Suitable Boy.

I read halfway through Better Than Before, and am still continuing reading it this month.

The 21-day Fix interested me, until I looked a lot closer to it. I realized that I have already done the starving myself thing – and my body does not like it. The 21-day Fix is not only not an option for me, but it would be very very bad.

One of the review for the 21-day Fix led me to Whole30 and their book It Starts With Food. I proceeded to share this book with everyone I could think of because it is so good. I really need to start the program, but I keep coming up with excuses. I want to do it, and had even been cutting out a lot of the non-allowed foods before I read the book, but I really need to get Banny on board before I do. A program like the Whole30 would be more successful for me if my husband and I were both doing it. So we will have to see what happens.


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